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I got a fresh prescription from out local Ophthalmologist that the VA paid for which was a miracle! And I ordered two pair of Progressive lens glasses.

One set of lenses on the pair I used most with great care keeping them in their protective box until needing them became really smudgy and hard to use. So I called Glsses USA and them about the problem and they asked if I would please send a picture of the unclear lenses. Then I was told “Oh yes. Those are terrible!

We will make a new pair and send them to you! No cost! Then I asked if I could get them in a little better Fran and I was told yes! No problem but the frame you want us $29.00 more expensive than the frames you have now.

I said that says fine and I paid the $29.00 increase. About two weeks later I received the glasses but they were not Progressive. The were Bi Focal!! But they did come in the better frame that I had paid for.

But. I cannot use i Focals. So I called and was told “no problem just send them back using the mailing label we will send”. So I did what was asked.

Now two months later and over ten emails and phone calls I do not have the Progressive Lenses in the nicer frams and I just calmed once again and was told that I would have to pay $60.00 more to upgrade to Progressive which is what I had already paid for! And talking to customer service is hopeless. No matter how many times I explained that I had paid for Progressive lenses long ago this poor guy who did not have a good grasp on the English language kept telling me the same thing over and over and over. He basically kept implying that I was a liar!

And I was as nice as could be for the first half hour. Finally I said hey. For some reason you do not understand what we are talking about. Then I asked do you have a supervisor?

And reluctantly he said yes. Then he said In sad broken English that “he would get supervisor pleas hold the phone”. After some time he came back with “I am transferring now to a supervisor”. Well.

That never happened and I just hung up.

So if you order glasses from this outfit you may well get pretty good ones. But if there is any need for “customer service” you might well be out of luck and searching for a new vender. But Glasses US. No.

Never. Ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glassesusa Customer Care.

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