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I need glasses really bad, so i didnt have enough money to go to a mall shop, and I saw glasses USA online. First part of December I sent in my prescription and paid $160, Received my glasses two weeks later and I couldnt see a thing with the segway line being so high!

Contacted them and told them it needed to be lower, sent them back and waited till January to get them back, still couldnt see so I brought them into the clinic I went to thinking maybe the prescription was wrong. Ladies at the clinic including the doctor said it was because the segway was to high. Sent them back again and explicitly said the segway needs to be lower. End of January and got them back and nothing was changed!!

Called them up and told them I would try one more time, gave explicit directions over 15 times to having the segway line at 16!!! Sent at least 5 emails durring that time saying make sure the segway is set at 16, received emails back saying they were goign to make sure it was done right this time. One week ago, now late Feb I received the glasses and again my doctor said nothing was changed!! Wrote them back last night the 29th and demanded a total refund!!!

Received a email back from a Anna Stone saying they already bendt backwards for me with three times and this time they were not going to replace them or refund them!!! Now I set without glasses, and its made out to be my fault!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dispute the charge with your credit card company!!!!!!!! They will refund you 100% and deduct it from


They made it Amazon's fault with me....even though Amazon sent them the correct address. So, I COMPLETELY understand. Talk to your credit card company and stop payment.

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