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A day after placing and paid for the online order, I emailed their customer service confirming the color. They were quick to respond with a answer. When I asked of this could be corrected, they were very quick to respond with a confirmation that my request was resolved. The order was received on 10/27.
I immediately emailed regarding the order# and attached a copy of the email confirming the resolve of color and that was not fulfilled as the glasses rep. stated. The glasses also did not fit my son. My son has very low vision and I was hopeful there service would be decent at most. However, a week later still nothing. I was told a link was sent to me and that upon inputting my email it would open a new window for a return label.. this was only to be done on a 'desktop'. Did that. Upon entering the email, i received a error message: YOUR RETURN REQUEST IS NOT AUTHORIZED Reason: Order indicated has already been returned. Really? wheres the tracking #? and why am I looking at his glasses still in the box at my home?
Now, no one will return my emails. I called simply to ask for a new label or link. When I call, I can only speak to a glassesusa order person. In which, severly lack customer service and clearly show they dont give two *** about what you say or need. They have your money and they will tell you to stop calling them. "Look, Look, listen we noted your account they will get back to you when they do, when your ticket is up". Ask to speak to a supervisor. "There is no supervisor here". It is the worst ever. All I can say is, choose another merchant. Buyer beware. Do not expect anything if you need it. Good luck ever returning anything. I am on day 8 and the policy states 'free returns with in 14 days'.
Sure, I COULD pay for this two day shipment at my cost. However, I am 99.9% sure, if I did that - I will be told they didn't receive the glasses or they were damaged. and then we are out his glasses, the money we paid them and the overnight and shipping costs. On the other hand, if they didn't have so many bad reviews along with a proven record or ripping people off and poor service I would send it -because it is my son's glasses he needs to see (like all of us) especially for school. he cant even see 20/20 and has congenital nystagmus and autism. Thank YOU so much!
In order to start your return request please fill in the form below
Reason: Order indicated has already been returned.
If you believe there is some mistake or you have any additional questions don't hesitate to contact our returns department at:
Pay Attention To

Product or Service Mentioned: Glassesusa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $133.

Preferred solution: I want confirmation they will place the order as stated in the email . They will send a RETURN LABEL with a WORKING uninfected LINK. .

GlassesUSA Cons: Staff is rude, Staff is could care less and lies s.

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This exactly what happened to me

How can I get a return label and refund?

Anyone managed to do it?

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