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I ordered contact lenses almost one month ago. I got a message saying my prescription was expired which it was not and I called them back and they agreed it was not expired.

They were supposed to arrive in one week after that. Then I got a call from them saying they did not have the 90 pack in stock. I said I did not order the 90 pack I order the 30 pack and I sent them a copy of the order that I had from the email they sent me. They said you are correct your contacts should arrive in one week.

They did not arrive in one week now it is almost one month and they have $345 my money and they promise me promise me promise promise promise that they would be here no later than the end of the week which is today.

They did not arrive. I have spent more time calling them straightening things out inquiring getting upset because I am out of contact lenses and expected them to arrive plus they sent me a tracking number which is invalid and goes nowhere in the post office said it is not a working tracking number and his company is just the absolute worst and I will never do business with them again nor should anyone else because they are a scam

Product or Service Mentioned: Contact Lenses.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

GlassesUSA Cons: Bad service.

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