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"It takes a lot for me to go to the effort to slam a company. But this company did it for me.

I ordered two pairs of glasses on Dec 1 and according to their website it takes 3 days for production and 7-10 days for shipping. Ok, cool, So i'll have them by the 12-13th at the latest. Today is the 15th and i'm still waiting for them to ship. Three days after I ordered I get an email telling me they're waiting on my prescription, which was the first I ever heard of them asking for it since I was able to enter the prescription information on the online form.

Then a day or two later they confirmed receipt. Another day or two goes by before I get an email telling me they're starting to build them! This is a few days after they claimed they'd ship. THey were built in the estimated amount of time, however they neglected to tell me that there was an additional 2-3 days(another claim) of quality assurance time.

Well, 5 days goes by. Four days into this process I finally get frustrated enough to email them. They started out by claiming they didn't receive my prescription, to which (I preempted this excuse in my email by reminding them i wasn't asked for it for three days) I remind them again that that was on them for never asking for it. Then they claim that they've already been shipped, but for some weird reason they don't have a tracking number until the courier opens the box(yet another attempt to deflect blame).

Two more days go by, which brings me to today. FINALLY i get an email with a tracking number. Well, according to tracking they haven't even necessarily been delivered to the post office yet. Just that there's a tracking number.

So repeated lies, deflection of blame, and dishonest advertising. Oh, and to finish this off, the customer service person actually told me that next time if i'm in a rush I could pay another $13 to have them shipped faster. SERIOUSLY???? After 14 days they still haven't gotten them to the shipper yet.

This company is truly astounding. There is a plethora of online eyeglass companies.

Stay away from this garbage company. "

Product or Service Mentioned: Glassesusa Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

GlassesUSA Pros: Website.

GlassesUSA Cons: Dishonesty, Terrible customer service, Completely inaccurate time estimates, Would not accept fault for delays.

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I use for my eyeglass prescriptions. Very affordable and fast shipping. Your scrips are saved for next time too.


Thanks for the feedback. That's the second time i heard that place mentioned.

might try it next time. Thanks!

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