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GlassesUSA uses credit cards to process their payments which means they HAVE to abide by the credit card's arbitration department when their cardholders are ripped off! All you have to do is call your CREDIT CARD COMPANY!!!

Don't waste your time with GlassesUSA, their game is to wear you down and hope you simply give up. Your credit card company has the power to PERMANENTLY REVERSE charges from GlassesUSA. How do I know this? Because GlassesUSA was only going to refund $50.00 of my $219.00.

One call to Visa and the $219.00 was PERMANENTLY credited back to my card. If everyone would do this it would put these SCAMMERS out of business. Also as an FYI- GlassesUSA is based out of ISRAEL and orders all their inferior glasses from a Chinese sweatshop.

Why do you think EVERYONE gets an email saying their production has been delayed?? They lie about delivery times to get you to order...then as you've all seen they delay delay delay until the defective glasses arrive from China.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

GlassesUSA Cons: Customer service or lack thereof, Completely inaccurate time estimates, Slow manufacturing time, Glassesusa never responds to email.

  • cancellation scam
  • return policy
  • Poor Website
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