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Purchased a set of glasses that advertisewd for $79.00 lenses included. Spent $298.00 after all of the add-ons (Got progressives, the rest were,or are, a crock of lies).

(See below.) I received the glasses and I noticed that on the right lens there was series of horizontal numbers either painted in white or etched into the lens. I found tgat to be very weird and quite unusual, but as it was my first experience with progressives(or bifocals if any type), l assumed that all bifocals and/or progressive lenses must come with a branding of +along with a number. I Didn't complain. I Just wore them and adjusted to the imprint.

Two weeks ago while strolling down the city street, in the early evening, I noticed that my left eye got suddenly blurry. I continued walking thinking I was just tired. I then realized that not only had my lens popped out of the frame, but that Ihad no way of determining at night where the lens actually fell at. I began attempting to retrace my steps.

I ecentually realized that I could not locate the lens in such darkness. After arriving home I examined the frame and discovered that the entire screw assembly along with the lower loop had dislocated from the upper part of the frame. This screw assembly was still screwed together but the joint holding in the screw which also held the lower half of the frame, which held the lens together with the upper part of the frame, was definitely dislocated and beyond a simple reinsertion of the lens (if I had the lens to put back in it.) The next morning, with light upon me, I set off on a journey to find my lost lens. After three grueling hours of intense searching in sidewalks, gutters, and flower beds, and covering over three city blocks, I happened upon the lens, It was discovered half buried in some woodchips, in a garden, just adjacent to the sidewalk, that I had walked on the previous evening.

I arrived back home. And researched my copy of the order/receipt and confirmed that it was less than 1 year old. I then discovered that I needed to review the return policy. It was then that it became clear that I am about to be raped again.

It requires 50 % payment cost for a frame. This was not something that I was willing to accept especially given that it clearly is a defect in the metal bonding that holds the screw assembly onto the upper as well as to the earpiece. (See photos) I sent glassesusa a email explaining that I was very dissatisfied regarding these set of circumstances and two days later I received a very brief letter generically by computer or by an individual (or a pseudo), stating that I to send them the glasses(postage paid by me) and they would determine what remedial action, IF any, they would provide me. So this is where it stands.

I'm not paying to send them back so that they can continue to charge me additiinal monies for their cheap frames. There are tons if companies out there that would be delighted to have my business. I will continue to tell my story for ever and ever. OH AND CHECK OUT THE PICTURES IVE INCLUDED..

These pics are what Glassesusa should have asked for in their response to their/my dilemma/email instead of responding back with a generic form letter, signed by someone who responds at 3 am and 4pm on the same day (obviously a fake person to prevent tying up a paid employee to deal with their large amount of complaints. This company is a joke.. Im going to do what I used to.. By great quality frames from EBay and take them to your Mom and Pop eyeglass store and have them put the lenses into the frames.

50%-70% less expensive and 1000% better quality. I should have known better but was taken in by their website technology. Dont be fooled.

This is a Terrible Company. Powell Navy Blue $79 Progressive (Distance & Reading) Included Package Super (1.67 Index Super Thin Lenses - V-Pro Digital Free Form, Scratch Resistant Coating, UV Protective Coating, Premium Anti-Reflective Coating, FREE Prescription Card) $199

Product or Service Mentioned: Glassesusa Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I have same issue. Since I had paid over $200 for lenses from my ophthalmoligist's office, I had no choice but to reorder same frame with 50% discount.

The arm on these frames is loose.

Learned my lesson about ordering glasses online. Would rather go and sit in doctor's office the old fashioned way.

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