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This happened last year, but I couldn't find a place to write a review (until now) because the company is owned by a couple of Jews (no issue there) in NY and you cannot (CAN NOT) contact corporate. They have monkeys working for them who "don't have a brain" and can't make a decision or use their brains.

I ordered PERFECTLY. They screwed up the script. Admitted it. I got the return label. Left the package in my mailbox for pick up and it was stolen. They would NOT believe me. I did everything to try to prove it to them. I lost $120 and had NO glasses. They had my money, and I had nothing. I filed a claim. They didn't believe me. I argues with about 15 (no lie there) people over the course of ONE YEAR. I eventually had to have the Post Master General in my County write a letter.

THEY screwed up, and blamed me. Then didn't believe me.

But it gets worse.

I had offered UPFRONT -- to KEEP (I said KEEP) the BAD script and use it for an extra pair of glasses that I didn't need, if they gave me a discount on a corrected pair. Let's repeat: I offered to KEEP THEIR MISTAKE, if they would discount a CORRECTED pair.


Wait. What?

I offered to pay for THEIR MISTAKE -- and they couldn't do it. This is when I tried to contact Corporate Monkeys. No luck.

THese people are IDIOTS. Please tell all you know the same.

BTW -- I finally got my $120 glasses OVER a year later. And they are cheap, with paper thin supports like fine fishing wire. THAT is why they are cheap. They have *** *** quality.


Just bite the bullet and buy local. Try them on. Walk away with what you want. Shocked

Product or Service Mentioned: Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: AN APOLOGY -- which I never got..

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